Monthly Archives: February 2015

In ‘Murica, Even the Dogs Love Their Food

In Murica, Even the Dogs Love Their Food   Fat Dachsund Meanwhile In America
Sent in by: UnderDog

Bacon Wrapped Whole Turkey? It’s even WOVEN!

You know how much time it must’ve taken to weave that bacon?
Bacon Wrapped Whole Turkey? Its even WOVEN!   bacon wrapped whole turkey meanwhile in america 590x483

Sent in by: Soul Foooood

How Does THIS Even Happen??

How Does THIS Even Happen??   hamburger buns labeled hot dog buns one job meanwhile in america
Sent in by: Dale for Sale

Little Girl Photobombs Mom’s Selfie

Little Girl Photobombs Moms Selfie   little girl middle finger mom selfie Meanwhile In America 435x590
Sent in by: Nikki H.

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