Black on White Hate Speech is OK, According to Facebook

Black on White Hate Speech is OK, According to Facebook


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Black on White Hate Speech is OK, According to Facebook

Black on White Hate Speech is OK, According to Facebook   Black on White Racisim Hate Speech OK According to Facebook Meanwhile In America 590x506
Do you agree with Facebook? Is this a double-standard?

Comment by submitter: “If the leader of a KKK rally was giving a similar speech, would it still be OK?”

Sent in by: Angry FB User

  • lord summerisle

    And BTW, this Hashim guy in the picture is a perfect example of the VIRUS plaguing America. The Blacks who constantly live with the mentality that they’re all perfectly innocent, and ONLY do wrong strictly BECAUSE of others, especially White people. Talk about living with a “poor victim” mentality. And trying to use it to get handouts from Whites. They same people he also hates. Makes sense right? “I HATE Whitey, so I Want Whitey to always GIVE ME FREE SHIT.

    I love how he thinks that Whites have SUCH TOTAL CONTROL over the Black brain, that they could immediately stop Blacks from killing Blacks overnight if the wanted to! hahahahahahaha!!!! WTF kind of logic is THAT??

    You look at Chicago, there are no White people out there cracking a whip at the Black people killing other Blacks (AND WHITES) forcing them to pull the trigger when they’re running around at night shooting things up. There’s no White person with a knife in the Back of a Black just as he’s about to pull the trigger. Wake the fu*k up, idiot, and any idiot who agrees with this idiot.

    And NEWSFLASH to Black people like Hashim, there are thousands of “poor, white trailer trash” all over America, living JUST AS POOR of a life as the whiny Blacks, but you don’t see such an issue with THEM shooting each other up, as much as Blacks do. And THEY aren’t sitting around blaming everyone but THEMSELVES for their situation. They’re not sitting around blaming Whitey! They’re obviously not living the “white privilege” Black people claim exists!

  • RossaRemy

    This is not hate speech because politically it is pretty accurate.

    • public;

      I disagree that it’s not hate speech, OR that it’s politically accurate, but to address your argument; “politically accuracy” doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not it’s considered Hate Speech.

      MANY things are politically (and/or realistically) accurate, but still considered Hate Speech.

      One example: it’s accurate to say that according to overall statistics, Blacks are more a violent, criminal race. Now, if you ask any Liberal/Democratic sheep, news organization and so on, whether that’s considered racist hate speech, IF SAID BY a White person, you’re GUARANTEED to get a “Yes” answer back.

      Imagine if a White person has said “Black people are Devils”……… guarantee the person would be called a racist. And racism always = “hate speech”.

      In spite of that, everything he said is a completely racist point of view against Whites, and completely incorrect, easily disproved every step of the way.

      • RossaRemy

        Incorrect, you cannot be racist to white people in America because racism is systematic. You can however be prejudice

        • CurrencyfairAlin

          Actually Rossa, you’re incorrect. What is funny is that what you’re saying is almost verbatim to the same argument I saw very recently on a Facebook thread, and numerous people, factually, proved your argument wrong. I wish I could find it so that I could link it, for you to learn something, but it happened long enough ago that I don’t even remember the exact post it was under.

          Nonetheless, what you’re DOING (or TRYING to do) is get into a battle of semantics. You’re “splitting hairs” about a “true definition” of a word, but what it all boils down to is the same thing; ANY RACE can HATE another race. If you think people of the Black race do not have the ABILITY TO HATE people of the White race, then you’re living in some bizarro fantasy land. Whether or not YOU want to define that as “racism” or “prejudice”, ir makes not one ounce of difference. The result is the same.

          You really need to get over that little hiccup that you get stuck on, and focus on the point of it all. If you want to sit around arguing about a definition day in, day out, and ignore the bottom line, then enjoy your days getting nowhere.

          So for the sake or argument, you go ahead and call it prejudice, and we’ll all call it racist, either way, FB is proving a double standard here, and it’s NOT RIGHT.

          • lord summerisle

            Couldn’t have said it better myself. Rossa’s another one who wants to try to use wordplay and twisting to make things seems like others’ fault instead of focusing on the actual guilty.

          • RossaRemy

            Hunny no. There is a difference in the definition of the two words. Yes, ANYONE can hate anyone for any reason including ethnicity, nationality etc. But not all people in this country are systematically deprived of certain priviledges and rights based on skin color.

          • RossaRemy

            Im not making argument im talking about real life.

        • CurrencyfairAlin

          Besides, now that I think about it, why are you even getting hung up at all on “racist” or “prejudice”?

          The picture shows FB as saying “You reported Hate Speech”, not “You reported racism”.

          So yes, this clown WAS using HATE SPEECH, by calling White (a race) people Devils, amongst other obvious HATE SPEECH against Whites.

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