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“It’s Not Racist if it’s About White Folks!”

Its Not Racist if its About White Folks!   Meanwhile In America com Crackers Love Cheese 427x590
Sent in by: Amanda

Kooky American Girls!

Meet Ellie, an awesome, beautiful and talented girl … and like most awesome, beautiful and talented girls … they’re often kooky as HELL! LOL!!

She has a psychic premonition that materializes seconds after … 😉

Happy Father’s Day to all our MIA Daddies!

Happy Fathers Day to all our MIA Daddies!   Meanwhile In America Happy Fathers Day Screwdriver Car 562x590“I was promised a girl would be Sugar n’ Spice n’ Everything Nice!$#@”

Sent in by: Proud Papa

This One Might Be a Little Hard To Find

This One Might Be a Little Hard To Find   Meanwhile In America Lindsay Lohan blow up sex doll 426x590
Sent in by: Titsy Russell

The Official website of the Meanwhile, In America meme!

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