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“Murica! The Great Melting Pot …”

Murica! The Great Melting Pot ...   Dumb Bitches Relationships Niggas Meanwhile In America 571x590
Sent in by: SweetChocolate LaQuonda

That Toilet Paper Though …

That Toilet Paper Though ...   Guy Speedo HalterTop Shopping Meanwhile In America 590x480
Sent in by: Darcy

A Toe-Sucking Bandit at Walmart? No way …

A Toe Sucking Bandit at Walmart? No way ...   guy arrested walmart sucking toes Meanwhile In America 590x369This World is Going Straight to Hell.

Sent in by: “A Nigga Loves His Wheels”

But Be More Gentle This Time!

But Be More Gentle This Time!   pen is broken use finger Meanwhile In America 410x590

Sent in by: Walmart LOL

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