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“Did anybody tell you that this is the private club of the Satan’s Helpers?”

Biker Bar Florida Hoveround Scooters Meanwhile In America
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These Days You Not Only Need Back-up, You Also Need Front-up!

grandma backup atm Meanwhile In America

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Glock Carryin’ Granny – Who Needs Gun Control?

Gun Control? Grandma's got a gun and ain't afraid to use it!

Gun Control? Granny’s got a gun and ain’t afraid to use it!

It’s the Wild Wild West in ‘Murica again, gun control is out of control, and foreigners entering the country via airplane are strongly advised to stay low when departing their plane as they hear bullets whizzing by their heads. Even granny has a Glock and is throwin’ up hand-signs to show which gang she’s affiliated with. Her fellow gang members identify each other through a few different methods:

  • The scent of blood pressure medication.
  • The saggy, bumpy look of their keester’s due to their outfitting of Depends. (Their replacement for bullet-proof vests).
  • The sheer volume of griping.
  • In the case of the females, the loud calling of their horde of cats, both feral and domestic.

They often gather at Bingo Halls for pot lucks, $2 smorgasbords for dinner at 1pm, and the top of mountains sitting atop their steel-horse, the Hoveround.