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MAJOR Faux Pas! Way to go, WGN!

WGN News Yom Kippur Nazi Jews ScrewUp Meanwhile In America

Little Girl Photobombs Mom’s Selfie

Little Girl Middle Finger Mom Selfie Meanwhile In America
Sent in by: Nikki H.

Really Ladies? REALLY?

Jeremy Meeks Viral Convict Meanwhile In AmericaAnd really American Media? REALLY?

Sent in by: Niki

We Ask, How Can They Be a “Selfie” With More Than One Person?

Selfies Lice Meanwhile In America

It’s more like an “Us-ie” or a “We-sie“, but hey, that’s not stopping the spread of non-sexually-transmitted creepy-crawlie infestations all over ‘Merica!

Sent in by: Tina