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Even The Po-Po Ain’t Safe From Gettin’ They Twankie Dubs Jacked

Even The Po Po Aint Safe From Gettin They Twankie Dubs Jacked   cop car on blocks stolen wheels Meanwhile In America 590x500

You have to be either epic-ly stupid, or have a giant set of gorilla balls to rob a cop car of his twankie deuces, and right in from of his house to boot.

“Trees” WILL Definitely Be Involved

Trees WILL Definitely Be Involved   going colorado hiking dr evil Meanwhile In America

Who Says There’re No Jobs in America?

Who Says Therere No Jobs in America?   mcdonalds hiring for christmas Meanwhile In America 571x590

Just in case you might get a craving for a 6-piece McNugget™ with mustard sauce, instead of that spiral cut ham with all the fixin’s.


OBAMA! Y U NO KEEP PROMISES?!   obama 2012 y u no meanwhileinamerica