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Who Needs Forced Seatbelt Laws When Replacements Are Gettin Spit Out Like Rabbits?

w2 niggas kids leeches Meanwhile In America

Need to start addin “birf” control to the water in the hoods …


(Hint): The Molar is on the Right.

built like a tooth Meanwhile In America

Today’s Challenge: Try to tell which one is the tooth, and which one is an enormous ass and legs.

Farting On A Train – The Torture of Public Transportation

Fart On Train Sal Governale Howard Stern Show Meanwhile In America

Ahh yes … the mental comfort of your useless, portable gas mask.

… yet another reason to hate the insane gas prices … suffering through the “Biological Warfare” terrorism of your fellow commuters.

Source: Sal Governale (we love ya Sal!)