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Y’all Need to Up Your Selfie Game Now, Here’s the Current Champ!

Epic Plane Crash Selfie in Ocean Airplane Crash Meanwhile In America
Sent in by: Scuba Steve

Little Girl Photobombs Mom’s Selfie

Little Girl Middle Finger Mom Selfie Meanwhile In America
Sent in by: Nikki H.

We Ask, How Can They Be a “Selfie” With More Than One Person?

Selfies Lice Meanwhile In America

It’s more like an “Us-ie” or a “We-sie“, but hey, that’s not stopping the spread of non-sexually-transmitted creepy-crawlie infestations all overĀ ‘Merica!

Sent in by: Tina

Beer Battered Bacon?! Lord Have Mercy!

beer battered bacon Meanwhile In America

Beer + Bacon + Deep Fried coating = almost perfect … just needs a coating of chocolate now.

Sent in by: Anonym00se