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Liberals Be Like, “Cups Arr Diff’rent!”

Liberals Be Like, Cups Arr Diffrent!   MeanwhileInAmerica Starbucks Plastic Cups 590x590Sent in by: The Juice

“I Work 112 Hours a Week, Nigguh!”

I Work 112 Hours a Week, Nigguh!   giant coffee passed out at desk Meanwhile In AmericaThe biggest cup o’bean is always on Wednesday.

There aren’t enough jobs in America, I can’t get hired!
Meanwhile, companies make 1 employee work insane amounts of hours, instead of hiring 2 people and splitting the hours in half so two people can earn money instead of 1.

Here’s to all of the overworked, underpaid Americans… Happy Humpday!
*Raises cup of coffee in a toast*